Q.        Do you sell insurance?

Ans.    No.  We are neither an agent nor a market for insurance.

Q.        Can you recommend and insurance agent.

Ans.    No.

Q.        Can you recommend an agent who sells E&O insurance.

Ans.    No.

Q.        How may I get a quote for E&O insurance?

Ans.    You must obtain a quote from a licensed agent or broker that offers that kind of coverage in your state.

Q.        Does Alpine recommend particular E&O insurance companies. 

Ans.    No.

Q.        Can you provide us with legal opinions or advice?

Ans.    No.

Q.        What is the delivery, timing and method of our product to the customer?

Ans.    Once the product is purchased, it is electronically delivered in a PDF format to the customer’s email within 48 hours of purchase approval..