Internal Processing Analysis (IPA) – (coming soon)

Alpine Risk Management

This Internal Processing Analysis (IPA) is an online internal procedural quality control survey designed to help the Agency prevent the probability of E & O losses. The principal of the agency or designee goes online to a secure questionnaire and answers a series of questions regarding the operations and procedures in the Agency. When completed, the survey is returned to Alpine Risk Management where one of our analysts will review the answers, add recommendations and return the IPA to the Agency.

The online Internal Processing Analysis (IPA) survey and the Alpine Risk Management Errors and Omissions Loss Prevention Procedures Manual complement each other. Combined, these two will help your Agency develop consistency of operations, which in turn will help your Agency reduce the possibility of a potentially costly errors and omissions claim.

It is suggested that the Agent share a copy of the completed Internal Processing Analysis (IPA) with their E&O underwriter. This will show the underwriter that the agency is practicing good loss control management to reduce its exposure to a potential errors and omissions claim.

COST – $200.00Online Internal Processing Analysis (IPA) survey, which includes its integral component, the Errors and Omissions Loss Prevention Procedures Manual.

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  • Helps prevent the probability of Errors and Omissions Claims.
  • Broadens knowledge of sound office procedures.
  • Helps Agent establish their own office procedures manual.
  • Helps to show your E&O Company Underwriter that you are practicing loss control procedures to reduce your potential errors and omissions exposure.


  • 90% of all E & O claims can be avoided

Most of all errors and omissions claims could have been avoided by consistent adherence to standardized, written operating procedures. Half of all claims would have been defensible or dismissed with proper file documentation.