E & O In House Procedural Analysis Review (PAR)

The E & O Procedural Analysis Review (PAR) is a comprehensive, in-depth risk management and procedural review and analysis of your agency’s operations. It is a hands-on, on-site review conducted by experienced errors and omissions risk management specialists who gather information from management and staff. A comprehensive review questionnaire is used along with personal and confidential interviews of management and staff. In addition, files are reviewed for neatness, adherence to procedures, anomalies and other potential problems. Consistent and effective use of automation systems and technology is also explored with regard to E & O exposure.

The object is to help you reduce your potential exposure to a costly errors and omissions claim through establishing a consistent and standardized quality control program. Such reviews take from 1-2 days per office.

Upon completion of the PAR, a detailed, comprehensive report is written, including RECOMMENDATIONS for procedural changes. You receive a copy of the report via email including a validation that Alpine Risk Management has completed the review.

We also recommend that you send a copy to your errors and omissions underwriter.

COST: Fees for the PAR are based on agency size, commission volume, number of locations, and number of staff plus expenses.

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Many E & O carriers will offer premium discounts if you have completed an Alpine In House Procedural Review.  Call your underwriter to inquire.  Such a premium discount, often good for 3 years, usually covers the total cost of the PAR.


Agents have told us they have used these written analyses as part of the information given to prospective insurance markets to give them an outside, independent view of their agency.


A PAR will give you a more complete picture of the agency to be bought and provide you value far beyond the cost of the review.


A favorable review increases you chance of Errors & Omissions renewal.


You proactively reduce the probability of an Errors & Omissions Claim.



  • 90% of agencies reviewed by Alpine had potential E&O exposure

In reviewing agencies throughout the United States, Alpine Risk Management has found that the majority of agencies had no standard written procedures, internal audit program or consistent file organization. Actually, fewer than 5% of agencies had up to date written procedures.

  • 90% of all E & O claims can be avoided

Most of all errors and omissions claims could have been avoided by consistent adherence to standardized, written operating procedures. Half of all claims would have been defensible or dismissed with proper file documentation.